Roofing & Guttering


Your roof plumbing and guttering system perform an incredibly important function in keeping your home weatherproof. A leaking gutter or a blocked downpipe may seem harmless but they can have a devastating effect on your home or your commercial space. You don’t want to have to foot the bill for a huge repair bill when you could have just got the team at Jeremy Macpherson Plumbing to do minor repairs and maintenance.

Our skilled team can also take care of all of your roof plumbing and guttering installation needs and we only use the best materials and products to delay our next visit as much as possible.

Why Choose Us?

  • Dedicated Team: You’ll love the dedication and passion of our plumbers. They love what they do which means they finish every job to the highest standards.
  • External Accreditation: We never put a plumber on the job until they’ve passed all the necessary tests and gained all the right accreditations. That means you can count on the job being completed safely and properly.
  • Service You Can Trust: At JM Plumbing we hate dishonesty and that’s why we make sure that our customers are aware of all of our actions and have a clear pricing structure in their hands before we pick up tools.
  • Friendly Service: Building a rapport with the customer is vital in delivering the perfect service. All of our plumbers are friendly and willing to answer any questions you have and make sure that all of your concerns are allayed.
  • Service Guarantee: We know that we provide a quality service and we trust our plumbers 100%. That’s why we have no problems in attaching a service guarantee to all of our products.

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As members of the Master Plumbers Associations, you can be assured that you are guaranteed to receive only the highest standards in workmanship, customer service and materials.