How to Keep Your Water Heating System Running Like Clockwork

We’re right in the middle of winter, and that means one thing – long, hot showers, plenty of baths and heavy casserole dishes that need soaking. Hot water is an essential for surviving winter, so what can you do to ensure your hot water system is there for you when you need it most?

Flush Out Your System

Over time, sediment can settle in your hot water system which makes the heat transfer process less efficient, particularly with gas hot water systems. You can do this yourself, but it’s quite a complicated process, and it requires specialist parts, so it’s probably easier and cheaper to call in a plumber.

Make Sure Your Pipes are Insulated

If the pipes that carry the heated water from the system to your shower head or kitchen tap aren’t insulated, your system will have to work a lot harder to provide hot water. The easiest way to do this is to buy self-stick pipe installation from your nearest hardware store. Then, all you need to do is slit the insulation, place it around the pipe, peel the tape off the adhesive edge and reattach the insulation.

Insulate the System

The best way to insulate the system and improve its efficiency is to invest in a bagged water insulation kit. When installing the insulation, you need to make sure you don’t place insulation within 15cm of the vent if it’s a gas system. You also can’t cover the thermostat.

Anything Else?

Insulating the system and the pipes should help to address hot water problems. If this doesn’t help, you should consider installing electric or gas instantaneous systems near the places with the highest hot water needs, such as showers or kitchen sinks. This will help to alleviate the pressure on the main hot water system and will address issues of hot water shortage.

These systems are quite complex and can be expensive. It may be more cost-effective to install a new system, especially if you have one that is over 15 years old. Purchasing a new system will also allow you to choose one with a larger capacity and higher efficiency, which will provide you with all the hot water you need, and cut down on your utility bills.

Making Your Usage More Efficient

We all have a responsibility to use hot water responsibly because creating hot water does use a lot of greenhouse gases. Not having enough hot water to shower is one thing, but not having enough water because members of your family are taking 30-minute showers every day is not fair on your hot water system or the environment. Installing a water-saving showerhead and having a timer in your bathroom to remind everyone to have a short shower, will ensure everyone has access to hot water while also reducing your impact on the environment.

If your hot water system isn’t doing what it should and you’re tired of shivering your way through your morning shower contact JM Plumbing today.


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